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About Sivan

About Sivan

Sivan Perdue, LCPAT, ATR-BC

she/her/hers | see-vohn 


I am a licensed Art Therapist based in Salisbury, Maryland. After ten years of working in group practices and nursing homes, I began my private practice so I could have more control and freedom while also providing higher quality therapy for my clients. In my practice, I can tap into my unique interests and fully harness the power of art therapy to help individuals beyond diagnosis, and to offer individualized counseling that is not governed by paperwork.

I chose art therapy because I’ve always enjoyed creative expression and fine art. I believe that the act of making art is an integral part of healing, allowing us to get in touch with what we already possess. I enjoy using an open studio concept that encourages you to create without judgment, engage in all your senses, find an artistic flow, and live in the present moment - all with guidance and support from your therapist. I believe in an equal relationship between therapist and client. Unlike traditional therapy, sessions feel more like guided conversations with a friend. I laugh when you laugh, I may tear up when you cry, and when you are passionate about something, I am, too.

The foundation of therapy is the therapeutic relationship. I care about my clients as individuals. I value your well-being, and you cross my mind outside of the session. Part of good therapy is that we invest in that relationship.  I strive to provide an inclusive space to explore and process the life changes and unique challenges that folks encounter when living with dementia. 

I support BIPOC, LGTBQ+ and trans rights. As a psychotherapist, I am committed to do no harm--which, for me, means doing my own inner work to uncover my own conscious and unconscious biases, in an effort to transform a system that perpetuates oppression and  White Supremacy. I am actively working on unlearning the old story and doing my part to dismantle the racism and privilege within myself and within my community. I am continually educating myself in order to better support my clients of all identities and backgrounds and to integrate my values into every part of my work and create a practice that promotes inclusion for all.  



  • Nazareth College of Rochester, BS in Studio Art & MS in Art Therapy
  • Licensed Clinical Professional Art Therapist, Maryland (ATC-074)
  • Professional Art Therapist, Delaware (AT-0010007)
  • Registered and Board Certified Art Therapist (ATR-BC# 07-230)
  • American Art Therapy Credentialing Board
  • State of Maryland Board of Professional Counselors and Therapists