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Art Therapy

What is art therapy?

Art therapy is form of psychotherapy therapy, different from traditional talk therapy and facilitated by a master's level art therapist. It is all about using art making and the creative process to heal and explore. It is based on traditional psychotherapy theories, but the focus is on using art making, and the resulting art work created, as the means of process and exploration, rather than talking. Unlike an art class, the finished product is not the focus of the session. During a session, I guide you, encourage the choice of materials, and support the healing process so you can translate your inner experience into external art-making. Sometimes it can be difficult to articulate painful experiences, or to put emotions and feelings into words. So much of what we experience, especially unpleasant experiences and even trauma, is actually stored in the non-verbal part of our brain. For folks who experience this, art therapy is a powerful tool for your mental wellness journey.

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Areas of expertise

I specialize in those experiencing the early stages of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, as well as support for their family and caretakers. Alzheimer’s and dementia pose many unique challenges to folks with early-onset , but the early stages are also when treatment can be most effective. Unfortunately, the majority of resources are dedicated to older adults and resources and support for the early-onset population can be difficult to find. Working with various materials can counteract many symptoms while art therapy helps navigate areas of loss, including the loss of self-esteem, socialization, and previous life roles.

Appointment structure

Sessions are 50-55 minutes long. The average session looks like you arriving, finding your workspace, and beginning or continuing a project of your choice. You can choose your own materials, and I am here to guide you through the selection process and suggest projects or materials that would be most helpful depending on your goals.

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