Perdue Art Therapy


Therapy is one of the most meaningful investments you can make in yourself - specifically, in your own future. It’s a crucial piece of the mental wellness puzzle; without it, you may be missing out. I believe that we should approach mental health like we do physical health - with regular check-ups to ensure that we are at our best, rather than only seeing a therapist to do damage control when crisis hits.


I do not accept insurance,
and am considered an out-of-network provider.


By offering self-pay sessions only, I have more freedom to work with my clients outside of the insurance system. Insurance companies regulate things such as forcing diagnoses, length of treatment, frequency of sessions, etc. They also retain control over your information, and how they use or share it. By working outside of this framework, we can work together to create a tailored plan that makes sense to you, and not to insurance companies. This also allows me to be more selective about the proper client-therapist fit so I can provide the absolute best care possible. To sum it up, a self-pay practice means that we both have freedom and control over your journey.


Initial intake


55-minute session in office

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55-minute session in home
cost may vary based on location

I am happy to complete reports, provide coordination of care, etc. for an hourly rate. Please contact me for additional information.